You can Apply for Authorized PAN Agency 


New PAN Card Application Online

Application for lost or changes in Pan Card

You can Login Access :

Step 1

  • PAN card coupons to its Distributor cost  in Rs. 97/- 
  • Distributor  shall download the form  through web site :
  • Retailer ID Availble in Very Low Cost.

·         Distributor had to prepare Stamp for PSA CODE.  Format attached

  • ·        You can trace the Pan Card application status through site i.e.

Step 2

  • · Distributor will fill up PAN Card application form for the customer as per the instructions given in the form.
  • · Distributor will fix up one given coupon on application form and will fill up same coupon number on customer acknowledgement part of the application form.
  • · Distributor will issue acknowledgement to the customer.

Step 3

  • ·         Compulsory:

o   CP has to write PSA code (1MH7895) on the top of the application form.

o   CP has to write (A O code) Area Code / AO Type / Range Code / AO No. in the given column of Application form. For eg.; Mumbai CP’s has to write down MUM / W / 23 / 9.

o   For AO Codes for your circle kindly use the Link: .>Services>PanCard>Search For AO Codes Details.

  • ·         CP will courier the collected forms to UTITSL given address at the end of the day:

For UTIITSL IT PAN Service Centre Agency Please Visit :